Brooke Burton's Hair

Brooke Gaither

Brooke joined the Burton’s team in 2020 and has been doing hair in Montana and Utah for over ten years. She loves meeting new people and spending time getting to know every person. Brooke pays special attention to each client’s preferences, including the amount of time and maintenance her clients are looking for. She also enjoys spending time teaching her clients how to accomplish their daily styling routine at home. Brooke loves to make sure everyone feels as beautiful every day as they do when they leave the salon. Color is Brooke’s main passion. She is experienced not only in different balayage techniques, but also enjoys spicing up her client’s hair color with fantasy colors! Brooke’s love of color also translates to interior design, which is her other favorite hobby. When she isn’t working, Brooke loves spending time outside with her husband and toddler, and taking day trips around the state to explore the beauty of Montana. Her books are now open!